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We live in a world where bad things do happen. For some, it is far more challenging when that bad thing is connected to someone who claims to love God or represent God. Where do we go when the pain we are caused is from the people we are told would be safe, loving, and like Jesus? What do you do when forgiveness alone does not take the pain away or fix all the problems?


This book talks candidly about all those things and more. I want to see you be healed, whole, and step into victory. This book contains information on getting your soul healed of the wounds inflicted by people who said they loved Jesus but they did not manifest love to you, or they bullied you, or abused you. 


I work with abuse victims and I am saddened that physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are even something we need to discuss in church. We need to discuss and heal. 


Expected release: July 2019. 

Overcoming Church Hurt & Abuse Book

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