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8 Lessons Learned

8 of the greatest lessons learned/fortified this year:

1. Cease listening to counsel from people who have zero experience in what you are doing or going through. Yes be humble, yet I notice people who have not been through anything give the very worst counsel at times. They have little to no compassion. Compassion is a fruit of God’s spirit. I also think experience plus wisdom beats, “I just read about this.”

2. Cease placing all your eggs in one basket. The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. Build streams that don’t overlap. The same with business, don’t limit yourself to one stream or one pool. There are billions of fish in the ocean, why choose one little area or group.

3. Rest when you need to...trying to be super responsible is noble, yet the same people you bend over backwards for sometimes don’t even show up to do their part. You suffer to get there and do your part and they are not doing theirs. Get wisdom.

4. Weed the soul immediately. When negative things are spoken over you, remove them from your soul. I am also choosing to be more proactive with ministers and people to say, “No I don’t accept what you said. No that’s not a prophecy from God. No that’s coming from your soul. God does not speak death, He speaks life.”

5. It’s okay to be real and not care who does not get it. Each person is a part of a puzzle. Some pieces just don’t fit. You can try to force things or get wisdom and move along. Instead of stressing, move to where you fit. Go where you are treated like a human being.

6. Understand sometimes the vindication of God comes from setting you up for success somewhere else. People can do lots of hateful things and it seems they get away with it, forgive them, pray for them, bless them.

7. Focus your energy and who and what truly matters. It today was your last day on earth, how would you live, do that.

8. Some are just drawn to the perceived anointing they think you have on your life. Understand they do not love you, nor are they seeking genuine friendship, they are coming for what they think they can get. Love them and continue point them to Jesus. You are not the source, He is.


Erin Lamb

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