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New Book Coming & 4th of July Sale

I am elated to release the next book to you!

We have been witness to the #metoo movement and the #churchtoo movement. What happens when your abuser is the pastor, clergy, the priest, children’s pastor, or another person you trusted from the church? What happens when it’s your spouse or pastor that is misusing the Bible to be a tool of oppression? How do you heal from the wounds of abuse and deep hurt? This book tackles some of those challenging questions.

In my years of working with the abused, I have not found the, “build a bridge and get over it,” nor the, “forgetting those things that are behind us,” as effective tools to deal with abuse. There are people still haunted by memories, nightmares, and trying their best to pray the pain away. God offers us so much more in the form of healing the source of pain.

I hope you grab a copy of Overcoming Church Hurt & Abuse, scheduled to be released in the next 7-10 days.

You may grab the study guide right now during our 40% off sale. All our products are 40% off until July 5th. Use the coupon code: July4.

What better way to celebrate Independence Day, than by getting your soul freed up?!

Your best days await you!


Erin Lamb

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