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Created for Wholeness!

We were created by God for abundant life, not striving, not trauma, not brokeness. The boundaries God set in place were to help us remain whole, not to block us from freedom. I talk about godly freedom vs. worldly freedom in the Confident & Free Teaching Series which will be available soon.

God says no to everything that has the potential to wound us, hurt us, wound or hurt others, or is less than His best.

We were created to thrive!

We were created to have abundant life!

We were created to live in freedom!

We were created to live in wholeness!!

We were created by love, to be loved, then to love!

We were created for abundant life!!

The Bible tells us this in 3 John 1:2 (The Passion Translation):

Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way[d] and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering.[e]

Footnotes d and e.

3 John 1:2 The Greek word eudōomai means “to be brought along to a smooth and prosperous journey” or “to be continually prospered [unto success] in every way.” The Aramaic can be translated “as much as succeeds you.” See Josh. 1:8.3 John 1:2 John is praying that Gaius’ physical health would match his spiritual health. God is concerned for both our physical health (he gave our bodies an immune system) and our souls (emotional and spiritual well-being). If physical health and soul “prosperity” were not the will of God, why would John pray that for Gaius?

As stated in the footnotes, God cares about our physical and soul prosperity. Divine health is not just for the body, it is for the soul (mind, will, and emotions). I have met numerous people sick in their body because their soul is unhealthy.

Abundance and prosperity means to live in the overflow of the goodness of God. God designed us for abundant life!

Abuse, abandonment, mistreatment, sickness, trauma, being bullied or talked down to or physically assaulted-these things work to break down the soul, body, identity, and worth of a person. Depending on the depth of pain and mistreatment, it can cause bruises, rips, or fractures in a person’s identity.

Take for example a piece of fruit. If I throw that fruit on the ground and stomp on it, it will most likely be damaged. It may be damaged so severely pieces of it break off. Our souls can be much like the fruit; ripped, torn, bruised, and battered. If we do not take care of those issues/woundings, we must note buried negative emotions do not die-they fester. They build up until the person is weighed down or implodes/explodes.

God longs to mend the broken pieces, put together what has been bruised, ripped, and torn. God is so good at healing, mending, and making things brand new!

I work with people who have been so severely damaged they have PTSD or have dissociated. When dissociation occurs, parts of the person may fracture from the core personality to hold the painful memories too challenging to process. They may feel as though there is more than one voice in their head, or have times they simply lose track of time or they have destructive behaviors they cannot seem to control. God is wonderful at going into those deeply wounded places and bringing healing.

Today, I want you to know wholeness is God’s intention for you. I want you to know that you do not have to live afraid, feeling rejected, hurt, fractured, or traumatized. There is hope!

If you read the testimonials on this website you will hear from so many people on how soul healing changed their lives!

Are you struggling with trauma or deep emotional pain? Join us December 1, 2018 for a one hour teaching and Q/A (Https:// We would love to have you and provide you tools for greater freedom!

You and I were born to live courageous, confident, whole, and free!


Erin Lamb

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